Trever Veilleux - Guitarist


Big Island musician Trever Veilleux has been playing and teaching music for over twenty years.  He studied composition and jazz guitar at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and the University of Hawaii Hilo.   An in-demand guitar player, Trever can often be found performing or recording with various jazz, rock, blues, reggae, and Jawaiian groups around the Big Island as well as in the orchestra pit for annual musicals at the Palace Theater and the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center.  He has performed both as a sideman and band leader throughout the State of Hawaii and on the U.S. mainland’s east and west coasts. 

With his own band, Technical Difficulties, Trever has produced a number of albums including 2003’s Butter featuring the track “Mr. Quiet” which was chosen by director Tim Burton to be featured in his film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This led to the band traveling to London for a number shows culminating with a performance at the film’s London Premiere Party and recording sessions at the world famous Air Studios. 

Trever currently teaches music at the University of Hawaii Hilo and is the director of the popular UH Hilo Jazz Orchestra.  

Gonzo - Bassist


Bassist Gonzo was born into a musical family and started his own music journey on his mother's trumpet in elementary school, eventually choosing bass as his weapon of choice in high school. He explains, "As a child, I never considered playing music to be a special talent. I always thought it was just something everyone did. I mean, everyone in MY family did..."

Raised on Oahu's rough leeward side and seeing music as a way out, he majored in music at college.  "Growing up in Nanakuli/Waianae, my brothers and I could usually be found at home practicing all day as an alternative to hanging out at the 7-11 waiting to watch (or participate in) a fight. As a result we progressed pretty fast as a rhythm section."

 This woodshed work ethic lead to nearly 20 years of constant gigging with his two brothers (often 7 or 8 times a week), including playing in California and Europe, earning him a degree at the prestigious "School of Hard Knocks".

"I believe there is no better teacher than the trial-by-fire of playing live, in front of an audience, with no net. You learn pretty quickly what works and what doesn't."

 Gonzo returned home to Hawaii in 2001 with plans to semi retire and raise his family...only to find himself busy as ever.

With extensive live, studio, theater and touring credits Gonzo has been playing music of one style or another nearly his entire life. He sums it up this way, "I have been blessed in this life to find myself in the enviable position of making people happy for a living."

Gonzo endorses Gallien-Krueger Amplification and Wilkat Guitars.

Bill Heideman - Drums/Percussion

Bill contributes his lifelong passion for music to his childhood experiences growing up in Louisville, Kentucky. "Because Louisville is situated between New York and Nashville there is a continual flow of musicians performing there from every style of music imaginable. I was lucky to hear jazz greats such as Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton and Miles Davis just to name a few. Because of this exposure, I was drawn to the drums at an early age and thanks to my parents, fortunate enough to have a great education from John Roy, drum shop owner/teacher and president of the musician's union in Louisville in the 1980's.  I continued studying with John Roy till the age of 18. I didn't realize till later in life how significant his teaching was, it has allowed me to go in any direction musically I wish."

 "I am very honored to be part of Jeff Gaeth's band as he and his compositions inspire, motivate and drive me to achieve my highest level as a musician."


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